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Light Tackle Black Marlin Townsville


Light Tackle Black Marlin Townsville

August – Mid September
Light Tackle Billfish

Cape Bowling Green is located 30 miles east of Townsville and is renowned as one of the best light tackle marlin grounds in the world. Not only juvenile black marlin and sailfish but many other pelagic species such as tuna and mackerel are also prolific in the area.

The best day of fishing off Townsville is 36 marlin in 1 day!

If you like light tackle this is a must fish destination!


Fly Fishing – Catch a billfish on fly!

We cater for all fly fishermen from experienced to the first time novice. If you like something a little special and different come and try your skills at fly fishing.

Switching a billfish onto a fly right at the back of the boat is a huge adrenaline rush!

Offshore saltwater species are usually teased up to the boat by trolling a large hook less lure. This is the ultimate adrenaline fishing as you usually hook the marlin only feet from the back of the boat.

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