fishing Cairns


Our season kicked off this year with owner Mark Ripper in Townsville for some light tackle fun. The juvenile black marlins were very active this year. Mark caught and released 5 from 8 bites, all fishing on 6 kg congrats to Mark!

Our next group to join us was Shane and friends Kyron and Darren from WA. Shane and Kyron both caught good mackerel and although we had a few Marlins on, they proved to be elusive. Shane and Darren both landed largemouth nannygai and red throat emperor. And of course there were plenty of laughs and good times!

Off to Cooktown for our first heavy tackle charter with kiwi’s Rowan, Mike, Paul and big Bazz. Although it was still early in the season we saw 5 Marlin and had a few bites. Bazz caught a 31kg wahoo and Mike an 18kg giant trevally. The boys enjoyed great food and great laughs and we look forward to hosting them again.

Next trip – off to the Coral Sea. Our charter from Woolongong Brett, Hughsy, Marshy, Stoney and Browny were off for their first spearing trip to the Coral Sea. Day one saw us hooked up to a 600lb plus blue Marlin on our way to Holmes Reef. Unfortunately we lost it but it was not long before Brett had a spear into a 450lb black marlin on his second dive! Day two saw many quality Dog tooth tuna and Jobfish come aboard as well as more sightings of Marlin and huge Sharks. The weather was glamour and the boys enjoyed great food and of course our famous Castille hospitality.

Our next trip is with old clients and good friends Barry Bird and John Kilgour. John won the Tom Bell trophy for heaviest marlin with me in 1999 and Barry landed a 1078lb Black marlin in 2002.

More updates to come………