black marlin grander

Catch your Grander aboard Castille Charters III

1000lb plus black marlin are a plenty in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and the crew on Castille Charters III have caught more than their fair share. It is a fact that 70% of all 1000+lbs black marlins in the world caught or released each year are caught off The Great Barrier Reef. If you want to catch a grander marlin, fishing off Cairns from September to December is by far the best chance you can give yourself. Our skipper Capt Brad Craft has spent over 30 years in the game fishing and diving fleet and has over 25 years experience as a captain. In 2004 Brad and angler Jay Teeter weighed the 10th heaviest fish in Cairns history 1304lb black marlin, a strong advocate for tag and release this fish was the last fish to be weighed. Want to go black marlin fishing Cairns Style? Contact Captain Brad Craft today.

Save money – No mothership needed!

Castille Charters III is a fully self-contained, custom build 47ft O’Brien with the range, comfort and safety to sleep 4 anglers for extended trips to the very best locations in the GBR. Castille Charters 111 was custom build for marlin fishing, chartering from Cairns, Lizard Island, Cook Town and Townsville. When all you do is fish, you get VERY VERY good at it! Click here to view our marlin gallery

2012 Season finished on a high

We finished the 2012 Cairns Black Marlin heavy tackle season on a high, landing a 950lb black marlin. This was our last marlin charter for the season and by far the most exciting. Over the last 2 days of the charter, we had times where there were 6 fish up at once, all competing for the baits and good size too, up to 800lb. Trying to reeling in a bait while a 800lb black marlin is hunting it is a sight to be seen! Catching 4 fish a day (with plenty more raised) now thats finishing the season on a high!

Interested is catching Giant Black Marlin? Contact Captain Brad Craft today as next seasons bookings are already being taken and spots are filling up fast!