Black Marlin Cairns 2013

Cairns Black Marlin Heavy Tackle Season 2013 Wrap Up from Captain Brad Craft: The 2013 Cairns Black Marlin season was by far our best heavy tackle season to date for Castille Charters. This season marked a return of the big girls for Castille in numbers you could only dream of! We kept record of the big girls caught, 14 fish over 750lb from 20 bites!

Our stats for the big girls:

3 @ 750lb / 3 @ 850lb / 7 @ 900-950lb / 1 @1000lb
Our best day – 900lb / 950lb / 1000lb
Most fish caught in a day – 450lb / 500lb / 800lb / 850lb

With many more fish caught under the 750lb mark, this season was by far the best Castille has ever had! The proof is there that big fish are our specialty. Nearly half our fish caught for the season were 750lb plus. Only my 1995 season on Shoki with Doug Haigh and Darren Muir when we weighed or released 20 fish over 900lb was better for big fish. Congratulations to all the other boats that shared in the great fishing.

Castille Charters – Cairns Black Marlin style

Cairns is the place to be for Giant Black Marlin and a charter on Castille makes it a trip of a life time! Our focus now turns to the 2014. With a great 2013, a cracker 2014 will hopefully follow as it just keeps getting better for Castille Charters. As always, people get off the boat and rebook for next year so we are positive about the year ahead and look forward to seeing many of your again as well as meeting some new faces.

Make your dream of catching a Giant Black Marlin a reality. Inquire about out 2014 Cairns Heavy Tackle season today as availability is quickly being reserved. Contact Captain Brad Craft on

We look forward to putting you on some big fish in 2014!

Tight lines – Brad Craft