950lb black marlin
950lb black marlin

950lb Black Marlin Cairns 2013, Angler Frank Sitterley

Black marlin fishing Cairns… There are only 3 words that can describe our season so far… HOT HOT HOT! Giant black marlins are everywhere and Castille Charters has been there ready for action. Many are calling this the hottest season they can remember. Captain Brad Craft had only 1 word, CRAZINESS. Our most memorable days fishing have been the last 5 days with 8 fish over 800! Our best day in terms of quality fish was only 2 days ago. We caught 3 black marlins a 950lb closely followed by a 1000lb early in the morning and later in the afternoon another 950lb. Our angler currently on board during this CRAZINESS is a lovely man up on the reef for his last season who has been visiting the reef since the 70’s. Frank, over from San Antonio Texas, is 77 years young and also fishing by IGFA rules which means he does all the work! Great job Frank, you are indeed a true champion of our sport!

Black Marlin Fishing Cairns – 2014

Always dreamed of going Black Marlin fishing Cairns style? Bookings are open for the 2014 Cairns Black Marlin Heavy Tackle Season. With the 2013 season been the best in years, availability for next year is certainly going to be snapped up fast! To inquire about next year’s availability for some crazy Black Marlin fishing Cairns style, contact our skipper Captain Brad Craft via email info@castillecharters.com or call him is 0428 772 950.
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Marlin Fishing

Cairns/Cooktown/Lizard Island

September to December
Heavy Tackle

September to December every year the Female Big Black Marlin come into the Reefs of North Queensland to spawn. The area is huge over 200 Nm long. Most of the breeders are between 700 and 1300lbs. There are also many male marlin 200 lbs up with the females which give our angler plenty of chances to catch all sizes of marlin.

It is a fact that 70% of all 1000+lbs Marlin in the world caught or released each year are caught of The Great Barrier Reef. If you want to catch a grander marlin, fishing of Cairns is by far the best chance you can give yourself.

The action never stops from dawn to dusk. We usually start with a snorkel on the GBR, then some bait fishing, jigging and popper throwing for many different species. They include Scad, Mackerel, Yellow fin and dog tooth tuna, queen fish, coral trout, giant trevally and of course Giant Black Marlin. We usually wind up and head to our anchorage behind the reef about 6 PM each night.