Well The Castille III has done the move from the Gold Coast to Townsville.

We left the Gold Coast in 30 knots of wind on June the 2nd.

We got to Mooloolaba that night around 5 pm and decided to stay the night and look at the weather on Monday.

We left on Monday midday after the wind eased and got over the Wide Bay bar on Dusk.

The rest of the trip was flat calm and we steamed for 70 hours strait to Townsville. The crew where keen to have a little fish of Cape Bowling Green so we arrived on the grounds at 6 am and had our first bite by 6.30. We missed that on but caught another black marlin an hour later. My Cousin Chris Beech doing the long trip caught his first marlin. (Pictured) and it was a nice reward for all the hours he spent on watch over the last 4 days. We started to head for the marina and clean up to get ready for a 6 day charter starting on Sunday.

We started our charter on Sunday with 20/25 kts of wind and it only got worse.

We fished around the Palm Islands and caught some nice Giant Trevally’s and Mackerel.

It is good to see the little black marlin and mackerel’s around in good numbers this early in the season.

If any one is interested in fishing for the little black marlin we still have free time in the next few months.