Black Marlin - Townsville

What a strong start to the season! Castille Charters arrived in Townsville over the weekend and kicked off the season with a bang! Owner Mark is on board to start the season off with his first two days of fishing going 5-4-2, tagging two sailfish on Sunday and 2-2-2, tagging two juvenile black marlins on Monday off Cape Bowling Green and finsihing the 3 days with a total of 5 taggs: 8-7-5. With more photo’s and footage to come, stay tuned as the excitement levels will only go up!

Congratulations to the winning boats of the 2012 30th Townsville Billfish Tournament. A further indication that the juvenile black marlins have returned, a huge 160 marlins (approx.) were tagged over the four day tournament. I think it’s safe to say the season is firing on all cylinders!

Light Tackle Black Marlin Season Townsville Availability

August – Mid September
Light Tackle and Fly Fishing
We still have a few days available to get amongst the action. Light Tackle marlin fishing is a pure adrenalin rush! These little black put on a show like no other. Jumping, flipping and parading around for all to see. Reserve your date now, contact Captain Brad Craft for details 0428 772 950 or send him an email

Cape Bowling Green located 30 miles east of Townsville and is renown as one of the best light tackle marlin grounds in the world. Not only Juvenile black Marlin and sailfish but many other pelargic species are prominent in this area such as tuna and mackerel. The best day of Townsville is 36 marlin in 1 day. If you like light tackle this is a must fish destination.