1000lb lizard island stewart burroughs -2

The 28th Black Marlin Classic 2014 held out of Cooktown this year will be one remembered by all and especially our charter on board Phil and Stewart. Congratulations to our angler Stewart who was inducted into the Lizard Island 1000lb tag and release club with his 1000lb black marlin tagged on Day 2 of the tournament. We had a great tournament, finishing in 7th place with 6 tags with our fish ranging from 100lb up to the 1000lb. There were 126 tag recorded for the Lizard Island tournament and plenty of them were big girls! For all the stats on each of the fish tagged, look up the Lizard Island Game Fish Club website as they have an interactive section which shows you on Google maps where all the tags were for each year or click here… Number 10 ribbon reef anyone?


The Lizard Island Great Marlin Race

Each year the Lizard Island Tournament supports the IGFA Great Marlin Race and tags can be sponsored for the chance at winning the “Great Marlin Race”. The “winner” is the fish that swims the greatest distance. The satellite tags record data from where the fish swam to the depth to water temp. This year each boat was given a tag (each tag cost $5000), proudly sponsored by The Peter Teakle Foundation & The Bertarelli Foundation. By the end of the tournament, 15 of the 126 tags were sat tags deployed for the Great Marlin Race. The data back from these 15 fish should be very interesting! We sat tagged Stewart’s1000lb fish on Day 2 of the tournament. Stay turned for updates – https://www.lizardislandgfc.asn.au/wp/?page_id=1159