Heading north to Townsville

Castille Charters has begun her migration north, next stop Townsville! Marlin fishing Townsville = Juvenile Black Marlin. Each year before the heavy tackle season, we warm up with 2 months of light tackle to get the heart and hunger started. We can tell you those little blacks can put on a fight, especially if your fishing ultra light tackle. These little guys aren’t afraid to get up and shoot for the stars with many anglers mesmerized by the aerial displays. Some of the hottest fishing Townsville has seen is 36 marlins in 1 day… Exciting is an understatement!

The little blacks are biting so it looks like the season is going to be a good one. If you are interested in light tackle black marlin fishing Townsville, contact Captain Brad Craft today. We still have a few days free for charter so get in quick. Contact Captain Brad Craft via email info@castillecharters.com or call Brad on 0428 772 950.

Marlin fishing Townsville = Great fishing!

Marlin Fishing Townsville

August – Mid September
Light Tackle and Fly Fishing

Cape Bowling Green located 30 miles east of Townsville and is renown as one of the best light tackle marlin grounds in the world. Not only Juvenile black Marlin and sailfish but many other pelargic species are prominent in this area such as tuna and mackerel. The best day of Townsville is 36 marlin in 1 day. If you like light tackle this is a must fish destination.

Once the light tackle season finishes, it’s game on with the heavy tackle black marlin season!

Cairns/Cooktown/Lizard Island

September to December
Heavy Tackle

September to December every year the Female Big Black Marlin come into the Reefs of North Queensland to spawn. The area is huge over 200 Nm long. Most of the breeders are between 700 and 1300lbs. There are also many male marlin 200 lbs up with the females which give our angler plenty of chances to catch all sizes of marlin.

It is a fact that 70% of all 1000+lbs Marlin in the world caught or released each year are caught of The Great Barrier Reef. If you want to catch a grander marlin, fishing of Cairns is by far the best chance you can give yourself.

The action never stops from dawn to dusk. We usually start with a snorkel on the GBR, then some bait fishing, jigging and popper throwing for many different species. They include Scad, Mackerel, Yellow fin and dog tooth tuna, queen fish, coral trout, Giant trevally and of course Giant Black Marlin. We usually wind up and head to our anchorage behind the reef about 6 PM each night.